Recognize a new profession that takes its place alongside the traditional one, is the challenge Renato Gervasi Joyà Designer has been facing from years, the beauty expert, eccentric dreamer, a tireless explorer of the art of existing.

From his publications of success as Broken bulbs, The beauty of the error, The art of asking questions of chocolate, 13 professions for 10 wealth, it turns out that the job of Joyà Designer means entering in a stream, intercepting, being guided by intuition, crossed by a freedom you know is right.

Sometimes this moment of enlightenment may be so futuristic to change a profession. This what happened with hair designer profession and creation of Joyà Marketing, he tells and shaped according to his vision. A methodology activates the Joyà both on the employees and on the princesses of the salons, to give every day a fabulous experience focused on excellence.

Heart of Joyà Marketing are the Rituel, organizational and emotional methods to joy, creating harmony between coworkers and customers.

Renato Gervasi annually holds several motivational shows to spread the Joyà Marketing and become “Designer of Joyà”, a true lifestyle with to improve our daily habits and achieve extraordinary results in life and work. Designed and structured for those who feel the challenge and personal growth as part of their life.


Charismatic personality in styling.
His inexhaustible creativity annually produces admirable collections that cater to the female fashion, to thousands of women who love elegant and refined style. Constantly consulted by Beauty Editors, TV, and all journalistic most prestigious fashion magazines. Image consultant of music and tv stars, Made in Italy testimonial as part of hair fashion international system.
His artistic creations follow a three levels technique:
  • Vision: imagining a new composition;
  • Drawing defining the idea and the silhouette of the final result;
  • Creation comes in three dimensions and hair texture.

Hair, as per Salvo filetti, dress not only the body but also the very essence of personality. His hairstyles enclose the tailoring of true haute couture savoir-faire.

Never wrong, Salvo Filletti with his haircutting sensibility tells us stories, as with a color writes a poem. Aware that through the haircuts women communicate, speak of femininity, strength and evolution.

Sofia Viganò – Vogue